Secrets to Uncommonly Good Bone Broth

Secrets to Uncommonly Good Bone Broth

It’s time to share the secrets...

If you’ve known me since the beginning on this farming journey, you may have tried my bone broth.

When I started my farming journey, we had just got our cattle. I knew I wanted to sell beef directly my local community. But, I wouldn’t have beef for a couple years.

So, while my cattle were still growing, I found the best local organic beef bones I could find. And, started going to farmers markets with frozen bone broth.
After months of making small batches of bone broth, I landed on a process and recipe that consistently produced a superior product.

Now, our farm operation has grown. We now have sheep, a dairy cow and sell our beef (and soon lamb) by the quarter, half and whole numerous times per year.

With three little kids and animals to care for, I no longer have time to make bone broth.

But, I hope this recipe that was discovered through this journey will live on in your homes and kitchens.
I still make this recipe in large batches at home and always have a fair amount available in the freezer.
I pull it out whenever someone is feeling under the weather. Or, when I'm making a special recipe that needs that extra touch to raise it to the next level. Whatever your reason for making bone broth, I hope this recipe serves you well.



P.S. Our half beef and quarter beef customers always take home a generous amount of pasture raised, grass finished bones for their broth making purposes. Am I peeking your interest? Check out out our current offers.

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