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Uncommon Pastures Farm

Quarter Lamb Share - Deposit

Quarter Lamb Share - Deposit

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Grass fed and finished lamb.

Buy 25% ownership share of a pasture raised lamb, 100% grass fed. Born and raised on pastures that are managed regeneratively right here in Sweet Grass county MT.

We will continue to manage your lamb until it is harvest ready. Then we will provide complimentary on-farm slaughter and processing services for you.

The final transaction will cover the cost of delivery.

Delivery fees are $30 per 25% ownership share.

Delivery is limited to within 100 miles of Big Timber, MT.

Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the average yield from a grass finished lamb?

On average, a farm raised and processed lamb will yield 30-32lbs. Split between 4 owners, that's about 8lbs for each share.

Can I buy more than 25% ownership?

Yes, you can buy up to 75% ownership of any one lamb. We retain the last 25% ownership. You can trust that this is the highest quality grass based local meat you can find.

How is the lamb processed?

We harvest and process on-farm. In it's natural environment, in as calm experience as possible. This is similar to how we process our own game meat (antelope, deer, and elk). Before harvest and delivery, we will discuss with the other owners how they'd like their share cut and processed. Everything, within reason, is an option (ground, roasts, chops, etc.). We follow the butchery practices taught by Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith. It is a one animal at a time artisan process that honors its sacrifice and breaks it down in a way that makes as much use of that animal as possible.

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Rotationally Grazed, Environmentally Friendly Ruminants

Sheep are great in that they are more gentle in some ways on the land then cattle. They weigh less so they don't compact the soil as much with their foot traffic. And, they eat a wider range of plants than cattle, so they aren't prone to over-grazing a pastures as easily.

  • Free Shipping

    After processing, we get your lamb to you through existing local intrastructure. Sometimes we use USPS, other times we use UPS, and sometimes we deliver your lamb personally. The decision is based on staying flexible with who's already going where, so we can be the most environmentally friendly and steward our resources wisely.

  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not absolutely thrilled with your purchase from Uncommon Pastures, for any reason at all, we'll cheerfully replace your purchase or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

    When you order from Uncommon Pastures, your satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed... so you can order with complete confidence.