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Uncommon Pastures Farm

Bone Broth Package 5 LBS

Bone Broth Package 5 LBS

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5LBS of individually wrapped, grass fed and grass finished marrow and knuckle bones.

Our grass fed and finished bones are perfect for making your own warm, and healing bone broth at home.

When it comes to bone broth and healing yourself with food, the source of the bones matters!

Since the broth making process extracts the minerals, lipids, and amino acids, including collagen, it can also extract any toxics the animal was storing away. That's why the source of your bones for broth matters a great deal.

Sourcing your broth making bones from us is a safe bet.

Our animals are healthy and their bones are clean.

They've not been fed anything other than grasses. They've not been subjected to any preventative agri-pharmaceuticals, agri-chemicals or synthetic sprays of any kind. They've never had any grains, and their diets were always non-GMO.

Our cattle weren't living with chronic inflammation during the last months of their lives like their conventionally finished counterparts. So, their bones can play a supportive role in your functional health.

A 5-lb package of our bones makes about 15 cups of broth. 

Click here to download Catherine's guide to uncommonly good bone broth.

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Great flavor! We've purchased from different local farmers in the past and had mixed reviews on the flavor of the beef - having to heavily season it or mix it in with other things in order to "hide" the taste. Not the case with Uncommon Beef! The flavor is wonderful and the beef stands alone without any enhancements necessary to make it enjoyable.
Catherine is super helpful with questions and suggestions, the delivery was extremely fast and the meat was packaged and labeled very well. We will most definitely be placing a larger order with them soon.

-Rebecca C. Belgrade, MT.

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