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Leg of Lamb (Bone In) - Easter Special

Leg of Lamb (Bone In) - Easter Special

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This is a 6 LB Bone In Leg of Lamb, pasture raised, grass fed and finished from local Lair Regenerative Ranch in Big Timber MT.

Leg of lamb is great roasted whole on the bone, or boned and barbecued. It’s a fairly lean muscle, so take care not to overcook it.

This is a great option for a weekend spent with family, or when entertaining a big group.

You could rub it all over with a herb oil, some garlic and even a little mustard, if you like, roast in the oven, then finish off on the barbecue to get a great gnarly smoked flavor. 


We recommend this recipe from Jamie Oliver for the best roast leg of lamb with a proper homemade mint sauce

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Sheep are great in that they are more gentle in some ways on the land then cattle. They weigh less so they don't compact the soil as much with their foot traffic. And, they eat a wider range of plants than cattle, so they aren't prone to over-grazing a pastures as easily.

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