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Uncommon Pastures Farm

Pasture to Plate Bundle

Pasture to Plate Bundle

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This is a 10lbs bundle. It includes a mixture of cuts. It's a great way to get grass finished, local beef with a variety of premium cuts at a great value.

Free delivery always included.

Subscription options available, no commitment, cancel anytime.

If a family of 4-5 were to buy one of these every two weeks that would meet their beef needs for the month. Deliveries arrive the following Tuesday after the order is placed.

This is a curated beef bundle. The cuts that go into it are hand-picked by Catherine your personal regenerative farmer. For each bundle, you'll get #2 pounds of premium steaks, #3 pounds of select butcher cuts, and #5 pounds of ground beef.

Premium steaks include; ribeye steak, filet mignon/tenderloin medallions, NY Strip steak, top sirloin, or flat iron,

Select butchers cuts include; chuck steaks, flank steak, sirloin tip steak, cube steak, stew meat, tri tip, short ribs or brisket.

We will take your personal preferences into consideration about specific cuts. For our monthly box subscribers, we collect their cut preferences through a survey. We use this beef taste profile to curate your box. Think of Catherine as your personal beef shopper. Through these curated boxes, we are able to honor the whole animal and the variety of cuts it provides while offering great value to our customers.

This bundle will not include marrow bones or organ meats unless requested. For example, we have a primal ground beef which includes heart and liver ground into the burger blend available upon request.

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Great flavor! We've purchased from different local farmers in the past and had mixed reviews on the flavor of the beef - having to heavily season it or mix it in with other things in order to "hide" the taste. Not the case with Uncommon Beef! The flavor is wonderful and the beef stands alone without any enhancements necessary to make it enjoyable.
Catherine is super helpful with questions and suggestions, the delivery was extremely fast and the meat was packaged and labeled very well. We will most definitely be placing a larger order with them soon.

-Rebecca C. Belgrade, MT.

  • Free Shipping

    We send your order out the Monday or Tuesday after the order is placed, using existing local intrastructure to get your beef to you. Sometimes we use USPS, other times we use UPS, and sometimes we deliver your beef personally. The decision is based on staying flexible with who's already going where, so we can be the most environmentally friendly.

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    If you are not absolutely thrilled with your purchase from Uncommon Pastures, for any reason at all, we'll cheerfully replace your purchase or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

    When you order from Uncommon Pastures, your satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed... so you can order with complete confidence.